Explore gastronomy of Lika region


The local cuisine here in the Plitvice area is focused on very high quality food supplied by small family farms and the surrounding pastures. Lamb or pork peka,(slow-cooked on a charcoal fire in a heavy iron covered pot  “under the bell”), famous Lika potatoes and signature cheeses are just some of the local specialties waiting for you to enjoy.


Discover local specialties

fotografija plitvičkih jezera

Restaurant Vrata Plitvica

Top notch restaurant with an extremely spacious glass terrace. Learn more


Grill Jurcevic

Delicious home-made specialties prepared with fresh local ingredients. Learn more.



Cheese tasting

Here you can taste top quality cheeses with quality wines. Learn more.




The sights and tastes of home-cooked goodness. Learn more.

Enjoy local specialties

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