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Climbing rock 8 meters high

Whether it’s free climbing or sport climbing, if you like rock climbing, you will love Rudopolje. Our sport climbing rock is 26 feet high with an area of ​​500 sq.ft. that includes 3 climbing lines. The rock for free climbing has an area of ​more than 700 sq. ft. and includes about 20 routes of different difficulty. You don’t have to worry about the equipment because it’s provided and insured–all overseen by ourprofessional climbers who take good care of your safety. Minimum age: 5 years old.

Price list:

Climbing with an adult instructor75,00 kn / 45 min

Climbing with an instructor for children50,00 kn / 45 min

Independent climbing for adults50,00 kn / dan

Independent climbing for children up to 14 years35,00 kn / day

Fun, great views and complete safety

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