Explore the beauty of Plitvice in your favorite company

Romantic Weekend

Explore the beauty of Plitvice and the surrounding area with the one you love. Enjoy a romantic boat ride on the lake; a walk through enchanting nature (the green pearl of Lika); a cozy candlelight dinner at a local restaurant; a picnic in a hidden glen overlooking the valley-and so much more!


How to spend a romantic weekend in Plitvice

fotografija plitvičkih jezera

Plitvice national park

Enjoy Plitvice, a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the most beautiful national parks on the planet. Learn more.



With miles of hiking trails to enjoy, you can enjoy Plitvice’s gorgeous nature at your own pace—for a morning, a day or longer! Learn more.

kAyaking on the Gacka

Experience the spectacular scenery of the Gacka River by kayak. Learn more.



The sights and tastes of home-cooked goodness. Learn more.

Popular packages

Romantic weekend

– 2 nights for 2 persons in House Delić **** (twin room) – 500,00 kn x2 days = 1.000,00 kn

– Plitvice National Park ticket – 80 kn x2 = 160,00 kn

one sleigh rental – 80 kn x2 days = 320,00 kn

2 x breakfast – 60,00 kn / person x2 persons x2 days = 240,00 kn

1 x lunch in the restaurant – 150,00 kn / person (1 drink included) x2 persons = 300,00 kn

– 1 x dinner in a restaurant – 150,00 kn / person (1 drink included) x2 persons = 300,00 kn

– visit to the Nikola Tesla Museum (Tue-Sat 8-14h) – 50 kn x 2 = 100,00 kn

TOTAL – 2.420,00 kn

(the price is lower for a smaller number of people or without some items – call or e mail for more information)

Equipment rental prices:


– Insurance coverage is solely for use on marked and prepared trails, any deviation from marked trails is at your own risk

Rental of wooden or plastic sledges – 80,00 kn / day

The use of trail with your sled – 50,00 kn / day

Snowmobile rental – 300,00 kn / 30 min

Rental of Nordic skiing equipment – 100,00 kn / day


Enjoy a romantic weekend in Plitvice

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