Meet colleagues in a new, more relaxed atmosphere. 

Build confidence, improve productivity and corporate spirit by having fun participating in group activities that are perfect for team-building–paintball, paddling through the Gacka in a transparent kayak, bag racing, tug of wars and much more…and after all that energy, excellent home-made food


Discover a top teambuilding experience

Zipline - confidence building

“Watch out for the bear” zipline is an experience you will never forget. It’s the longest zipline in Europe and confidence building fun for every company member
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Kayak racing on the Gacka

Experience the Gacka River by kayak. Mix genders, departments, skills--create new teams to improve decision-making, build trust and more.
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Cycling rallies

Miles of bike paths through forests, along rivers and hills are the perfect way to create team time trials as well as rallies to help company members learn to cooperate and win together.
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Cook up something special

Work with local restaurants to organize cooking classes followed by competitions, bake-offs and more to offer a great learning experience in collective preparation, decision-making and presentation.
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Enjoy teambuilding at Plitvice

Rezervirajte - Teambuilding

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