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Plitvice National Park

Enjoy Plitvice, a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the most beautiful national parks on the planet
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Northern Velebit National Park

For those who appreciate the wild beauty of nature, Velebit’s pristine mountain wilderness is a revelation.
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Velebit Nature Park

The Velebit Nature Park is the largest and most complex protected area in Croatia and recognized in 1978 by UNESCO as part of it’s World Network of Biosphere Reserves.
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Nikola Tesla Museum

An entire museum dedicated to the world-renowned scientist and inventor of alternating current (AC), who was born in Croatia.
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Source of Gacka - Majerovo Vrilo

Discover the headwater source of the Gacka River and explore nearby centuries-old mills
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A fascinating refuge for young bears that you can see up close and personal!
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Cheese tasting

Here you can taste top quality cheeses with quality wines
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Gacka Museum

See and learn about how the ethnography and cultural heritage of the region is being preserved.
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Explore the attractions of Lika

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