Zipline - “Watch out for the bear”

Basic information

Imagine flying 250 feet above the ground zooming along at 75 mph through beautiful nature. “Watch out for the bear” zipline is the longest zipline in Europe—more than a mile of non-stop, high-energy fun for the whole family and a unique way to experience a spectacular birds-eye view of the natural beauties of Lika.  Over 500 children and adults have enjoyed our zipline so far. Join them!

Price list (01.09.-31.05.):

  • Zipline adults – 240,00 kn
  • Zipline tandem – 450,00 kn
  • Zipline tandem adults + child up to 14 years – 350 kn
  • Zipline children up to 14 years – 120,00 kn

Enjoy the "bird's eye view"

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